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Who I help

Who I help
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Whether you are at the top of your game or feel at rock bottom, coaching can support you to achieve more and stress less. 

Programmes can include focus on, but aren't limited to:

  • Overwhelm and uncertainty

  • Reconnecting with your purpose and values

  • Change in role, plans, personal life and expectations

  • Performance improvement

  • Effectively influencing and empowering those around you 

  • Achievement of personal and professional goals

  • Developing a clear and simple strategy for success

  • Understanding other perspectives to optimise personal growth 

  • Lack of confidence 

  • Removal of limiting beliefs and self sabotage 

  • Self awareness 

  • Anxiety, stress, burnout

Totally bespoke individual coaching programmes will optimise your thinking, achieve powerful results, improve confidence, clarity and wellbeing.

I can support your business in a number of ways: 

  • Motivational or training workshops to drive effectiveness and engagement. These can  include but aren't limited to customer experience excellence, sales and service, confidence, personal brand, empathy, change, purpose, values and mental health

  • Leadership development on an individual or group level I can tailor support and resources to support the strategy, purpose and culture of the organisation

  • Team development - delivering customer experience, sales, working effectively as a team, building morale, empathy, or driving performance, speak to me about your business strategy and performance goals. 

  • Plus of course coaching programmes for individuals, teams and leaders - with experience of coaching at all levels and across a wide variety of subjects, I will create a bespoke programme for your company, team or individual needs

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About Me


Hi, I'm Claire 

I'm from Durham (it's near Newcastle in North East England) and it's gorgeous! I have an amazing 20 year old daughter, a fab family, brilliant mates and a cute fluffy black dog called Lola. I love huge mugs of tea, biscuits (chocolate Hobnobs are THE best) stationary, in particular notebooks, my phone and Netflix! I also love people, their stories, their super powers, what makes them laugh, their quirks and foibles, and helping them out however and whenever I can. I  think I am funny, an amazing dancer and the life and soul of the party - wine agrees with me on these points, others may not!

I have had a pretty cool career over the last 25 years, I started in Retail, and managed various stores, teams and regions, I fell in love with two things: Firstly, my customers, the interactions with them, solving their problems, and I really liked selling them something I knew they would love. Secondly, I absolutely loved being a leader and developing people, now, rest assured not in my early days, I was rubbish at it at first. But in time, I made mistakes, I learned, I developed and I got such a buzz from seeing my team succeed, surprise themselves and develop beyond what they ever thought possible.

I followed one of those passions in Customer Experience and after 16 years in the field I moved into an operational role heading up Customer Experience for Vodafone Retail, Telesales and Online. My tiny team grew quickly to encompass internal communications for those areas and also a 40 strong training team. That role was amazing, I adored it, the hours were crazy, tears were shed but we made a huge and measurable difference to both customer and employee ExpEriEncE (I'll tell you why the Es are in caps later!). I led both strategic and tactical initiatives to drive commercial and customer results and the trophy cabinet did well!

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I have lead small teams, large teams, local, national and global teams, even virtual teams spanning 22 countries and every single one of them has made me proud, made me cry when I left them and has left an imprint on my heart and several lessons in my head! Check out my blog  if you want more details and stories!

Mexican Waves I'm a fan, I am amazed at how you can get so many people at a concert, football match, athletics stadium to all follow a co-ordinated behaviour to a common goal. It's kind of easier when they are all in the same building and can see each other. I got my first on stage when hosting the Vodafone Consumer Conference, at the NEC in Birmingham. I felt like a rockstar! Also got stores up and down the country all using a consistent sales and service cycle to improve experience and results, a Mexican wave of the right behaviours, using a funky formula, and we had a fantastic outcome.

Then I got offered a big challenge... could I do it across 22 countries and 130,000 people in contact centres and stores?

Thats like the whole of the Neu Camp stadium filled with people and all squashed together on the pitch too, imagine it? No social distancing, all crushed up! That's a lot of people!! I set about designing and delivering the biggest global training programme that Vodafone Group had seen with the aim of establishing consistency and excellence across it's customer experience - from Mumbai to Madrid, from Cape Town to Croydon. I travelled lots, understanding each country,  put a lot of stamps on the passport and met the most amazing frontline and L&D teams


And in travelling I found such huge joy, my favourite place was the very beautiful Cape Town, just look at that sunset taken just a couple of days ago by the Head of Learning @ Vodacom instrumental in getting that Mexican wave going across South Africa! A friend for life. 

As this challenge began nearing completion, and the amazing digital tools, face to face training, army of coaches and fun and funky development programmes took hold I finally started to consider what I want to be when I grow up. Yeah I know, I was late to having a career plan, I just kind of got more and more stuff to do over time!!


Anyway, I realised that all the energy and passion in my work was coming from the conversations I was having as a Coach, I was coaching inside and outside of Vodafone and training on coaching too. I also got massive butterflies from developing our leaders across the globe to lead with empathy and compassion, and to play a critical role in delivering our company strategy with real purpose. 


I was having  incredible conversations with people that were life changing and driving real results, in so many things, self awareness, digital transformation, team effectiveness, sales, service, career development, stakeholder engagement and on and on....

Some conversations were also tough and traumatic, with trust and empathy, the depth of conversations can be huge and so, as a committed learner and so curious about people I began to study Psychotherapy too ... In the next year or two I will qualify as a Psychotherapist, right now it adds so much to my world, my coaching, my leadership, and I work out of a GP practice as a counsellor and I simply love it. Mental Wellbeing at work is a huge passion of mine and I am also a Mental Health First Aider, again check out the blog for my mental health story.

And after 25 corporate years I decided it was time to focus completely on what makes me happiest and started my business in Coaching, Consultancy and Leadership Development and here you are. 


I am passionately committed to empowering individuals and leaders, inspiring their confidence and developing capability through bespoke coaching programmes, business mentoring and the design of leadership development programmes. How can I help you or your company?

My services

My Services 










If you want more from your life, career and confidence. If you want to get clear on what you want from your future and how to achieve it. If you want to embrace your strengths, smash through what is holding you back. If you think you aren't good enough, and want to change, I offer bespoke coaching programmes designed around your needs for 3, 6 or 12 months.




If you lead a team, or lead leaders of teams, either remote, part- remote or face to face and want to ensure they are focussed around a common purpose, strategy and objectives: Team coaching or team effectiveness sessions can consolidate commitments, actions and energy. I offer team coaching, team effectiveness and engagement sessions and will design solutions based on analysis of your needs. Coaching the leader of, and the whole team can transform results very quickly.



Whether your leadership needs an edge in authenticity, courageousness, communication, influence, engagement or more I can offer a personalised coaching programme to help you elevate your performance, and realise your potential. Leadership coaching will provide a thinking partner for you to achieve the success, recognition and results you want.




With experience of transforming the sales and customer service of UK and Global retail & contact centre operations I would be delighted to support change in your company based around your business strategy. I can support with the right measures, structure, skills, training, comms and interventions and engaging leaders.



Mental health has never been a bigger issue for leaders and businesses, ensuring your teams are aware of the challenge, how to respond to colleagues and where to seek support is essential. Let me help you design your solution or support your leaders in their knowledge and support for mental wellbeing.



If you want learning to be fun, funky and have clear and measurable impact, as an LPI Gold Award winner with 10 years+experience in effective learning programmes that drive change I would love to help you transform your learning.



I am available to speak or host motivational workshops or webinars on a number of areas, confidence, personal brand, women in leadership, women in business, finding your super powers... previous speaking engagements include RBS, 3M, Vodafone, Northumbria Unniversity.

Speaking & Workshops
Leadership Development



I offer programmes in Leadership Development based on capability in critical leadership skills and the confidence to apply them effectively. Whether this is the essentials of leadership or a bespoke approach for your specific situation or environment I will ensure that your leadership is empowerful and empathic.


In these highly volatile and uncertain times those needs could be about digital transformation, return to the workplace, or embracing new working practices, or just the basics to move into a leadership role and smash it from Day 1!

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