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Bespoke Workshops

The session was fantastic and we have had amazing feedback! Everyone loved your energy, honesty, positivity and storytelling - you left people inspired and definitely wanting more!

 Northumbria University

I loved the atmosphere your approach facilitated.  You are grounded, real, honest and fun, your approach puts people at ease. Seeing people really begin to open up especially those who are more introverted who don't like to talk about themselves was incredible.


Everyone  was able to be part of the session - introvert - extrovert and those in between. It had humour and insight. The open and honest approach from Claire enabled this within others & created a good atmosphere to share thoughts.


How we create magic!

We get to know each other, really well! Whatever your needs are, supporting a new team, refreshing an old team, launching a new initiative, building critical personal or leadership skills, supporting wellbeing, something else or a combination of all of the above. We will get together and discuss your specific needs, objectives and desired outcomes. Usually this will involve meeting and understanding some of the delegates, their particular pain points and what they want to get out of it. When all objectives are understood a proposal will be created, and iterated until we have a clear design, some measurable outcomes and what resources are needed. Then you sit back and enjoy! If you want to chat about your team, business or organisation and how I can help, click the button below to set up a call. 


Example Workshop: What's Your Superpower?

A motivational exploration of how to build your personal brilliance and share it with the world!

Following a step by step process we work through:

  • Uncovering your Purpose

  • Identifying your Core Values (your guide ropes)

  • Owning your Strengths and your Superpower!

  • Telling your Story - making sense of the above, adding in your experiences and showing up in today's world to share it.

Additional topics: 

  • Who are your Avengers? - Who are the team you need around you?

  • What is your Kryptonite? - What diminshes your Superpower and how to stop it?

  • Action planning

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