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Want to be empowerful? 

Are you looking to bring back some sparkle to your career, your life, your performance, your team or your organisation? Could you benefit from greater clarity or improved confidence in how to be brilliant or drive brilliance in this ever-changing world?

These are pretty heady times. There is such a huge amount of change, uncertainty and emotion! How equipped are you to deal with it and to support others through it? Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Have you felt that maybe you aren't good enough? Have you felt uncertain about where you belong in this new world and how you can make a real difference?

Maybe you are absolutely thriving, but you know you could move from great to legendary with the right feedback, perspective and development, whether in the world of sports, politics, business, or entertainment the very best in every profession... has support in order to improve their performance.

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If you are feeling a little uncertain at how you or your team can be awesome right now and in the future


If you want to feel like you are adding real, measurable value to your role, business

or personal life

If you want to get more from each day and each interaction...

and you want clarity, confidence and a super sexy but simple strategy for YOUR success

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empowerfulpeople could help with bespoke coaching and leadership development programmes, team building events, or motivational speaking plus a range of consultancy services.


Turn awful into awesome


Turn frustration into fearlessness

Turn overwhelm into over the moon!

It is time to focus on strengths, perform better, achieve more and turn down the volume on inner criticism.


Embrace your superpowers and become empowerful. 

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Individual and team coaching, from 60 minute one off confidence boosting sessions to bespoke weekly and monthly programmes to meet your needs, achieve your goals and deliver empowerful results

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You run your own business, or lead a team or you support leaders with their development. You want simple, effective support developing critical leadership skills such as empathy, leading change, kick ass communication

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Missing mojo? Trying to lift the spirits and build the strength of your team, network or business. Create a team of superheroes with individual superpowers fighting for a common goal and feeling FAB!

With 25 years of leadership experience in sales, service and operations and extensive experience in coaching and leadership development I believe that you already have the super powers needed to achieve more and stress less and look forward to supporting you in being empowerful!
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