25 Years, 25 Lessons - Part 1

So, on the 31st of March I left my 25 year career with the tech communications giant that is Vodafone, and due to our current circumstances I have had time to reflect on those 25 years and the amazing lessons I have learned along the way, from some pretty incredible people, in a company I am very proud to have worked for. I have decided to publish it in 2 parts, and it is in no particular order, so stay tuned for Part 2 if you like what you read, or if you didn't get a mention this time round and feel sure your lesson will be in here :) ...

Lesson 1

If you don't love your job, find what you do love in it! Sub-heading: Always do as your parents tell you. I started with Vodafone (then a rather more yellow Peoples Phone) straight out of Uni, my dad made me apply for the job at a time when only big businesses, salesmen and hm, maybe criminals, used mobile phones! I didn't love technology I promise you, and